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Cesar Pedraza

About Cesar Pedraza

Cesar Pedraza is a tattoo artist from Bogota, Columbia. From an early age, he developed a passion for art and design and has spent his professional life in the creative field.
Cesar completed an honours degree in Industrial Design and Visual Arts. While studying, Cesar became attracted to the world of tattoos; the idea of decorating the human body with permanent art felt like a magnificent idea. In 2016 Cesar was offered the opportunity to join an apprenticeship with various tattoo artists in Bogota. After completing his studies in 2017, he decided to continue with his tattoo career, combing his knowledge of body art with the professional design principals he was taught at university. Cesar’s artistic style is illustrative, organic and fluid, often taking inspiration from the natural world. He enjoys shading and dot work, as well as black and colour work. Most of his tattoos exhibit the fine and bold lines that are a calling card of the traditional western tattoo style.

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